Financial knowledge

Very few people have decent financial intelligence. Even though, this is the most useful knowledge you can absorb. We are going to change it.
Elon Musk Backs Bitcoin Enthusiast Ron DeSantis For Presidency
In a noteworthy turn of events, preparations for the upcoming U.S. presidential election continue unabated. As hopefuls initiate their journey to become the next White House incumbent, one name stands out from the rest — Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis. A stalwart of the Republican Party, DeSantis...
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Why US Dollars Are Green?
The distinct green tone of U.S. dollar bills wasn't always the norm. In fact, in the colonial era, paper money sported a tan color, accentuated with black or red ink. The notable shift towards the green ink we're familiar with today came about during the Civil War, leading to the term "greenbacks." ...
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Ubisoft Taps Into NFT Market With Personalizable Assassin's Creed Figurines
In a bold move to win over the gaming community to the NFT market, French gaming giant Ubisoft has announced a partnership with Integral Reality Labs. Their plan? To offer fans of the Assassin's Creed series a unique collector's item, based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The collectible will be a pa...
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Stephen Graham Teaches People How To Waste Time During The Podcast With Ben Mallah
Please let me know what you like about it. It's freaking stupid. It's a huge waste of time because of this kind of content I have a problem with Graham. He teaches people to waste time and at the same time, he's a very mediocre businessman....
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What is Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?
As Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) carve out a new frontier in the global financial ecosystem, they are concurrently raising profound concerns regarding potential invasions of personal privacy. CBDCs, digital manifestations of sovereign currency issued by central banks rather than commercial...
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Florida Outlaws Central Bank Digital Currency CBDCs, Advocates Financial Freedom
Florida, in a bold move, has officially banned the use of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The ratified bill, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, will make the anti-CBDC law effective from July 1, 2023. DeSantis, during the signing, voiced serious concerns that CBDCs could offer authorities a wind...
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US Inflation In Retreat: Economy Gears For Deflation Dance
US inflation marks a ten-month decline, sliding to 4.9% in April. Amid falling food and energy prices, the Federal Reserve's next move is uncertain after raising rates to a 16-year high. With the lowest unemployment since the 1950s and potential bank bankruptcies, these developments may spur a bulli...
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The Untold Story Of Pool Rentals & Luxury Products During Bear Market (Cryptonym Finance VS Codie Sanchez)
That's absolutely not true. First of all, renting swimming pools by the hour is not a luxury product; it's more a product for lower-income individuals. During a bear market, this type of business tends to thrive. The same goes for truly luxurious products catering to extremely wealthy people, becaus...
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Famous Crypto Investor Robert Gryn: Meta Hero And Everdome Scams? Pump And Dump Exposed?
Robert Gryn, a famous crypto investor, is well known for running crypto projects such as Meta Hero and Everdome. I have to admit, he was quite adept at marketing for those projects. Unfortunately, it seems like both of them may be scams. The prices of Meta Hero and Everdome tokens have plummeted. Re...
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