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Very few people have decent financial intelligence. Even though, this is the most useful knowledge you can absorb. We are going to change it.
Biden Blocks Crypto Rules Change. He Is Against Crypto And Freedom!
President Joe Biden just gave a big "nope" to a new law making it easier for banks to handle cryptocurrency. Honestly, I am super angry. Biden has no knowledge about crypto and today's technology. He probably thinks "blockchain" is a type of fancy necklace. For sure, old Joe’s brain is running on ...
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Pokemon Cards Go Digital: NFT Drop!
Pokemon cards on a blockchain! Get ready for Courtyard's release of hundreds of tokenized Pokemon card packs on the platform, starting November 14. You'll have the chance to grab NFTs linked to graded Pokemon cards, including rare finds from both classic and newer sets. These digital tokens can even...
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Illuvium Shakes Up Gaming: Blockchain Meets Epic Games!
You'll soon witness a major shift in the gaming world with the launch of Illuvium, a blockchain-based game, in the Epic Games Store on November 28. This is a pivotal moment for you as a gamer, potentially changing your perception of Web3 games. The Epic Games Store, which has been a major player sin...
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Casio's G-Shock NFT Wave: Virtual G-Shock Takes The METAVERSE By Storm
Casio, the renowned Japanese brand, is making strides in the Metaverse with its innovative Virtual G-Shock series, powered by blockchain and developed in partnership with Polygon Labs. This move includes the release of 15,000 complimentary G-Shock Creator Pass NFTs, granting holders access to a dedi...
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Did You Know Walt Disney World Has Its Own Money?
Venturing beyond the traditional U.S. dollar, numerous communities across the nation boast their very own unique currencies. Among the most enchanting? Walt Disney World's very own money! This whimsical twist is not just limited to the Magic Kingdom. Dive in as we explore these captivating local cur...
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Mind-blowing: Banks Once Printed Their Own Money Until 1913!
In a surprising twist from the annals of U.S. banking history, individual banks once had the authority to print their own currency. This financial free-for-all persisted until the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Imagine a world where each banknote had its unique design, stemming from i...
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Unbelievable: The $100,000 Bill – Largest U.S. Currency Ever!
In a jaw-dropping delve into U.S. monetary history, the $100,000 bill emerges as the single largest denomination ever produced. While this staggering sum may seem like the stuff of legends, this bill was indeed once a part of the American financial tapestry. As we journey through currency tales, the...
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Martha Washington: The Only Woman On U.S. Currency!
In a remarkable chapter of U.S. financial history, Martha Washington stands alone as the only woman to have graced an official U.S. currency note. Her iconic presence was featured in 1886, 1891, and once again in 1896. In a remarkable chapter of U.S. financial history, Martha Washington stands alone...
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Surprising Fact: 50% Of All Printed Bills Are $1 Notes!
In an intriguing revelation about US currency trends, it has been uncovered that a staggering 50% of all banknotes printed are in fact $1 bills. This overwhelming prevalence of the $1 note underscores its pivotal role in everyday transactions and gives insight into the spending habits and preference...
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