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The Entire Gala Games Project May Collapse Soon

Gala Games is in a really bad situation! Do you remember when we informed you about the founder’s nodes being in danger? It wasn’t long ago and it wasn't as serious as it is now. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that Gala Games and all people who have invested in it have a huge problem […]

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Mining Reduces The Price Of A Cryptocurrency? The Basic Economy Lesson

There is a dumb idea spreading amongst miners and crypto investors. Many of them believe that when more miners start mining some cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrencies price will go up. It's very important to explain why the price will go in the opposite direction. More miners mean that more tokens will be produced. More tokens mean […]

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How Gary Vee, MrBeast And Logan Paul PUMPED The CRYPTOPUNKS NFTs Price

Non fungible tokens are still burgeoning on crypto market. It’s not surprising based on how many influencers and celebrities have invested in them. The absolutely legendary NFT collection is “CryptoPunks”. So far, the most expensive of them was sold for $23.7M. The price is absolutely immense, especially considering, that is a piece of code on […]

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What is Solana (SOL)? This Blockchain Technology Is Already Changing The World

What is Solana SOL? There is a lot of fuss about Solana lately. It’s quite understandable, based on some amazing features Solana has. I will tell you about them later. Now let’s focus on the question “what is Solana”. The answer is, well, it’s another blockchain smart-contract network. The name of Solana coin is simply […]

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DOMI ONLINE! World Of Warcraft Successor? New P2E MMORPG Is Coming!

World of Warcraft is a beloved game for many players. It has still a nice graphic design even though it was published in 2004. Besides that, a huge magnificent world and a fabulous community. It’s almost a perfect MMORPG. Almost… Unfortunately, there is one huge disadvantage. You are prohibited to sell any item you found […]

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Why Immigrants DO NOT Steal Jobs! Nigel Farage Is Wrong

We live in a really weird world. The world where simple concepts are incomprehensible. Unfortunately, this situation is used by politicians to manipulate and tearing people to achieve their own agenda. One of those lies is a famous adage: “Immigrants steal jobs”. First of all, this sentence is a fallacy. At this point we should […]

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LOST RELICS! How NOT TO Run A Blockchain Project

The number of blockchain projects is tremendously high nowadays. Honestly, they pop up like mushrooms, especially play to earn ones. Lost Relics falls into this category. You probably have not heard of it yet… and the only reason it is going to change is this video. Let’s start! First of all, I have to tell […]

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Gala Games, STOP IT! Founder's Nodes In Danger!

It’s a quick piece of news. It is especially important to all of you who have Gala Games founder’s node license. Some time ago Gala Games established a new type of node. Individual nodes for every game. Right now, there is only one game – Town Star. The second sale of the licenses for a […]

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What is METAHERO? The biggest REVOLUTION in NFT?

What is METAHERO? Right now, all cryptocurrencies related to Metaverse are going up faster than Tesla rockets. It is almost unbelievable how much you can earn by investing in them. But remember I am not a financial advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only. The content of the video is not financial advice. Be […]

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