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The Untold Story Of Pool Rentals & Luxury Products During Bear Market (Cryptonym Finance VS Codie Sanchez)

That's absolutely not true. First of all, renting swimming pools by the hour is not a luxury product; it's more a product for lower-income individuals. During a bear market, this type of business tends to thrive. The same goes for truly luxurious products catering to extremely wealthy people, because no matter what, the rich get […]

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Famous Crypto Investor Robert Gryn: Meta Hero And Everdome Scams? Pump And Dump Exposed?

Robert Gryn, a famous crypto investor, is well known for running crypto projects such as Meta Hero and Everdome. I have to admit, he was quite adept at marketing for those projects. Unfortunately, it seems like both of them may be scams. The prices of Meta Hero and Everdome tokens have plummeted. Recently, Robert posted […]

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China's Crypto Rebirth: How Opening Up To Cryptocurrencies Boosts The Economy

As Hong Kong welcomes back the cryptocurrency market, local investors have initiated a $100 million fund called ProDigital Future, aimed at investing in the digital asset industry and Web3. The fund is currently targeting early-stage Web3 market projects and has amassed $30 million after a six-month fundraising period. The ultimate goal is to raise the […]

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Messaging app Telegram has added a new feature that allows users to send themselves TETHERS (USDT), a top stablecoin, within its chat service. The option of sending USDT was incorporated into the @wallet bot, which facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. This move could have significant implications, as familiarity with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency […]

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Steve Wozniak Revealed as Creator of Custom $2 Bills in Los Gatos

Did you know that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has been producing his own custom $2 bills in the town of Los Gatos for over 30 years! What is more, Wozniak uses a high-quality printer that meets the specifications of the U.S. government to produce the bills, which he sells in sheets of $5. Despite […]

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Terry Do Kwon - The Former King Of Terra Luna Arrested In Montenegro

Former CEO and founder Terry Do Kwon was arrested today in Montenegro's capital, Podgorica, on charges related to the collapse of the Terra Luna (LUNC) and Terra USD (USTC) ecosystems. Detained with forged documents, Kwon is wanted by authorities in South Korea, Singapore, and the United States for his role in the cryptocurrency market crash. […]

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Ted Cruz Stands Against Orwellian CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency

As the US authorities plan to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC), a wave of controversy and unease emerges among citizens and politicians. Many fear this new asset, controlled by the US Federal Reserve, will grant authorities access to citizens' lives, monitoring their movements and spending. Republican senator Ted Cruz stands among those who […]

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Gold Is Going To Its All Time High

Gold, a safe haven for investors, is rebounding after fluctuating due to global events and Fed policies. With its all-time high at $2077, recent bank failures and a predicted policy shift have pushed the price to $2014 per ounce, potentially leading to a new record.

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Production Of One Penny Costs 1.7 Penny

Ladies and gentlemen, can we talk about the great financial crisis of our time? It's not the stock market or cryptocurrencies, oh no, it's the humble penny! You see, it actually costs 1.7 cents to make just one of these copper-colored clinkers. I mean, come on, people! We're literally throwing cents away to make something […]

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