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Balenciaga And Kim Kardashian Condemned For The Teddy Bears Photos

People around the world are getting super angry about photos of kids holding bit weird teddy bears. The photos were taken for Balenciaga to promote their brand. It made me think about what a great place of history we are now. If we have time to worried and comment on such a dummy thing, it […]

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The Digital Dollar And Yen Are Very Dangerous For Our Freedom

All the crypto fans who value freedom and privacy should be concerned! After the US government released the declaration about creating their own digital dollar, another country decided to do the same. This time it’s Japan! The Japanese central bank is going to start the pilot phase of the digital yen. It will happen in […]

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What Is Voxverse? What Is Vox? New Metaverse From Gala Games Is Coming!

Mark Zuckerberg creates this amazing METAverse. Everybody is so excited about it and it is easy to notice. Just look at the growing price of META stocks. Ok… literally nothing about what I said is true. META shares plunge more than many of us would expect. Fortunately, there are other metaverse projects. They are way more […]

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Elon Musk Biography In 120 Seconds

Elon Musk is an absolute living legend! He is the God of finance and hard work titan. But what’s his story? Let’s find out! Elon was born in Pretoria, South Africa on June 28, 1971. He started programming when he was a child. He sold his first game when he was only 12. Five years […]

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I Bought 100 Pokemon Cards! How Much Have I Earned?

It’s really hard to hide my fascination with Pokemon. I love almost all Pokemon games. Collecting Pokemon cards is kind of my thing too. For me as a collector, the best moment in my life is when I open a new fresh pack of cards. Before I do it I have no idea what is […]

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Disney Will Release Own NFTs?

It seems like this tremendous corporation has serious plans regards to NFTs. They are quite smart about it. Instead of pushing their NFTs collection to the market as soon as possible, they first start building their NFTs lawyers’ team. That’s a very uncommon move in the crypto space. But it should be a standard method. […]

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The Entire Gala Games Project May Collapse Soon

Gala Games is in a really bad situation! Do you remember when we informed you about the founder’s nodes being in danger? It wasn’t long ago and it wasn't as serious as it is now. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that Gala Games and all people who have invested in it have a huge problem […]

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Mining Reduces The Price Of A Cryptocurrency? The Basic Economy Lesson

There is a dumb idea spreading amongst miners and crypto investors. Many of them believe that when more miners start mining some cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrencies price will go up. It's very important to explain why the price will go in the opposite direction. More miners mean that more tokens will be produced. More tokens mean […]

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How Gary Vee, MrBeast And Logan Paul PUMPED The CRYPTOPUNKS NFTs Price

Non fungible tokens are still burgeoning on crypto market. It’s not surprising based on how many influencers and celebrities have invested in them. The absolutely legendary NFT collection is “CryptoPunks”. So far, the most expensive of them was sold for $23.7M. The price is absolutely immense, especially considering, that is a piece of code on […]

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