Financial knowledge

Very few people have decent financial intelligence. Even though, this is the most useful knowledge you can absorb. We are going to change it.
Who Is The Ultimate Thief? Sam Bankman-Fried? Madoff? …or Franklin D. Roosevelt?
Who do you think deserves to be called the ultimate thief? Is it the infamous Bernie Madoff, who orchestrated a colossal financial pyramid scheme? Or perhaps it's Sam Bankman-Fried, who embezzled the last money from the bankrupt FTX company? No, the true champion of thievery is none other than the P...
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Coinweb, a layer 2 cross-chain computing platform, has partnered with BMW to integrate blockchain technology into the car manufacturer's infrastructure in Thailand in order to improve financial transaction efficiency. The companies plan to launch two projects in 2023, including the use of smart cont...
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GYRI?! What Is It? Revolution In Gala Games
GYRI, short for Project GYRI, is a proprietary blockchain developed by Gala Games, a company that provides a games-first experience with the benefits of blockchain ownership. The GYRI blockchain has been designed exclusively to power Gala Games' ecosystem, including games and other media forms. The ...
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Elon Musk Wants To Revolutionize The World One Time More! - Twitter Coin
This is hot crypto news! Elon Musk, Twitter, and new crypto coin. These are all the phrases you have to know to realize what’s going on. Yes, there are some rumors about Elon Musk preparing a new crypto coin just for Twitter users! The possible ways to utilize the new cryptocurrency. The most poss...
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5 MLN $ Stolen In Crypto
Another money has been stolen from the crypto space. This time the victim was Ankr. Fortunately, hackers did not loot a lot of money. It was only 5 mln $. I am pretty sure you are curious about how they did it. The bug which the cyber thieves exploited let them generate a huge number […]...
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Telegram's Wet Crypto Dreams
After FTX collapsed Pavel Durov the CEO of Telegram announced his company is going to build a crypto wallet without any supervision and a totally decentralized exchange platform. Are you thrilled about it? Calm down. You may or you may not know, that Telegram shared their users’ data with Indian J...
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Porshe 911 NFTs Are Going To Be A Big Deal
Porshe wants to release own NFT? Yes, it’s 100% true! What is it all going to be about? The entire collection of 7500 unique NFTs based on well-known Porshe 911 will be available to buy in January 2023. Patrick Vogel is the artist who is going to design them. Besides the visual aspects, all non-f...
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Brazil Wants To Control Crypto?
I have already informed you about the US and Japan creating their own cryptocurrencies. The Brazilian government plans to do something more. Besides applying its own digital coin – the Brazilian Real, it wants to connect the new cryptocurrency with the presently existing DeFi (decentralize finance...
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El Salvador's President Understands What Clearly Ciara From Time Does Not
Time magazine decided to attack El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele for investing in Bitcoin. It’s not surprising we all know that mass media want cryptocurrencies to disappear. Mainstream treats people like a bunch of dummies and constantly misleads them. In this case, the author of the articl...
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